OEM Industrial Cost Reduction Analysis and More


hapman Smith can help you improve the bottom line of your business. Whether you are faced with rising costs for materials, the challenge of production changes or simply concerned about the efficiency of existing systems, we can help.

Working with your management team, purchasing department or engineering staff, our specialists are very good at finding ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency and quality. Often cost reduction reports can be developed to work as road maps for achieving results prior to implementation. These reports are provided at no cost to our customers.

Chapman Smith functions as a direct supplier, a sales representative of the companies we represent and/or an extension of the management, purchasing and engineering departments of our customers.

We have built strong relationships with our customers and supply partners. These are rooted in the achievement of significant cost reductions, quality improvements and simplification of the supply chain.


Cost Reduction Studies

In today’s economy, firms excel by being extremely competitive. Purchase costs for all outsourced items contribute to this competitive characteristic. Lowering purchase cost is an absolute necessity which Chapman Smith can help achieve. By applying our knowledge of the marketplace and utilizing our network of supply choices, we can evaluate options for cost reduction and complete a detailed, written cost reduction study. This study details the savings Chapman Smith can help you achieve. Frequently this effort results in lower purchase prices, fewer sources, elimination of paperwork and busywork in the purchasing department. Contact us to discuss how we can prepare a cost reduction study for your company.

Source Reduction

Chapman Smith has helped many companies reduce the number of suppliers. This improves efficiency and lowers cost in the purchasing department. Supplier reduction can be as simple as letting Chapman Smith become your supplier to replace existing sources or allowing Chapman Smith to bring new more diverse sources who can replace numerous current suppliers.

Source Identification And Qualification

Chapman Smith can assist in developing new sources for new product requirements. Our team of specialists is experienced in finding supply options for all types of industrial products. Supply chain candidates are evaluated to determine the most qualified for the specific requirements of our customers. This source identification and qualification saves our customers many hours of research and effort. It provides the most competitive and most qualified sources.

Inventory Support

Cost Reduction analysis often reveals the benefit of shortened lead time and JIT delivery of purchased products. Chapman Smith’s inventory support program can be used to reduce in house inventory and provide lead times as short as hours. We maintain warehouse capability to serve our customers.

Special Projects

There are times when developing new production techniques are the best solution to cost reduction. At Chapman Smith, manufacturing problem solving is a service we often provide. If you are evaluating changes in your production process, studying the best way to produce a new part or product, let us help you. Serving our customers is our number one priority and we are willing and able to take on special projects to serve. Call us to discuss your requirements; it is no charge and can produce some big results.


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